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Onboard new clients with a unique business case led proposal

Serve over 90% of your client base and add this service portfolio with minimal additional work.

Economic volatility is fueling uncertainty. Trusted Advisors support has never been more vital

Afinitis uniquely enables you to drive significant extra value for each of your clients quickly and easily.

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“I’ve been using Afinitis for just 48 hours and honestly, I don’t know how I’ve lived without it. The lapsed customer report will keep our sales team busy with opportunities for months”


B2B Equipment Seller (UK)

Afinitis uncovered issues impossible to see in the day to day running of this 20-year-old company

Here are 2 examples of how using Afinitis drove improvements:

Lapsed Customers

Afinitis showed 50% of customers were buying and never coming back, highlighting huge potential for the sales team. This discovery enabled the client to focus on high margin cross and upsell opportunities. 

Export Activity Down

The client’s largest export market showed a big decrease in year on year turnover, masked by healthy domestic sales. This led the client to focus more on their relationships with export agents reviving this neglected sales channel.

Actioning the unique critical business activity insights provided by Afinitis led to a doubling of annual profit in just 6 months

Our purpose

Afinitis has been developed by a team deeply experienced in the provision of SME operational effectiveness support who believed that new technology combined with world class transformational methods could make a significant improvement.

What do we do?

We have combined an exceptional analysis capability with guidance, task management and client partner facilitation into one breakthrough platform specifically for Trusted Advisors. We help you achieve your goals to provide added value services in high volume across your total client base.  

How do we work?

We provide a range of highly innovative SaaS propositions and services that enable you as a trusted advisor to be better able to support development of your clients business performance. 

We provide full partner support and bureau capability. White label service is available subject to agreement.

Unlock more revenue in minutes

Increasing your advisory work is a huge opportunity not to be missed.

Afinitis puts the information you need at your fingertips

How to get started 

Simply fill in our short form here and we’ll be in touch to arrange a 30 minute demonstration. If you would prefer, you can call us on 024 7527 9934.

We have a range of value-add services developed to suit differing levels of client need and experience – all ready to go!

After your initial virtual overview, we would look at arrange a face-to-face meeting for 1.5-2Hours to give a thorough demonstration of the full Afinitis offering, including an in-depth tour of the Advisor Suite and commercialisation breakdown.

Within a few clicks you’ll be able to see your client data in ways never seen before that opens up multiple added value opportunities. 

Look forward to your next client meeting with your new service offering available. 

Armed with multiple insights that will lead to productivity, effectiveness and bottom-line improvements, you are now an invaluable and indispensable part of your client’s team.

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