Driving Client Value with Facts and Structure

A revolutionary way to add value to more clients, whilst growing your teams success. 
Afinitis is a Trusted Advisor Engagement Platform, designed to help Advisors deliver.  

The Afinitis Knowledge Platform is a hub of collective experience, capability and professionally positive exploitation. Driving Digital Transformation and Performance Improvement through the use of mass customised Value Pathways and Interfaced Autonomous Business Intelligence.

Our purpose is to stimulate and improve the performance of Trusted Advisor Firms and Ecosystem Partners, along with the 20 million+ applicable SMC businesses around the world that they serve. 

We do this by the use of Digital Transformation techniques exclusively captured within this single SaaS.

Afinitis enables Trusted Advisors and Ecosystems to do More, Faster, Better and with Less Churn

  • Supporting Advisor firms’ Own Transformation
    • Improving ability to work with unknowns
    • Additional Value Propositions
    • Handling Professional Challenges and Pressures with confidence
    • Attract , Coach, Lead Success and Retain Key Staff
  • Best Practice Guidance – Client and Team Overviews – Volume Engagement with Lower Risk
  • Accelerated Advisor Career progression

Afinitis allows Advisor firms and Trusted Advisors to better serve their target market providing

  • Ease of Use via Technical Innovation and Automation – accessible regardless of tech ability
  • Team Engagement via Value Pathways – combining experience with structured guidance
  • World Class Analysis – cascades and perspectives – empowering stronger decisions

Afinitis is a game changer; our approach and unique IPR facilitates mutual advantage on a true win/win/win basis.


Web : www.afintis.com

Tel : 024 7527 9934

Intl Tel : (+44) 24 7527 9934

Email : enquiries@afinitis.com